Episode 6: How to Deliver a Knockout Presentation by Starting with a Story with David McGimpsey

Want to more fully connect to your audiences or prospects in a way that makes them WANT to do business with you? We have a solution for that in this episode with special guest David McGimpsey… David writes about the art and science of creating and delivering amazing presentations.

No matter what you are speaking or writing about, if you can start with a story you have a strong chance of capturing and maintaining your audience’s undivided attention. Stories can have a profound effect on our brains… and encourage people to feel empathy… and that all works to build trust in you and your message. We’re going to get really specific about how you can develop and use stories in your presentations in a way that will make people want to listen to what you have to say…

Link to David’s “Blueprint: Your Next Presentation”

Episode 5: Think You Don’t Need to be on LinkedIn? Think Again! with Angela Dunz

In this episode we will unravel the mysteries of generating leads with LinkedIn. We are going to crush any barriers that might be keeping you off the LinkedIn platform whether you are an experienced coach or just starting out. Whether you have been on LinkedIn for a while or have never logged on, this episode is for you!

Connect with Angela on www.linkedin.com/in/angeladunz/ or www.vengreso.com

Episode 3: Systemizing Your Marketing for Greater Results... Converting Your List to Paying Clients

We cover the concept of commitment conversations as a way to convert prospects into coaching clients. Getting a simple YES from a prospect itself isn’t always good enough. Why? Because yes doesn’t always mean yes. In this episode we discuss the right way to achieve a prospective client’s commitment using your services. Download the PDF mentioned in the podcast.

Episode 2: Systemizing Your Marketing for Awesome Results... List Cultivation Strategies Explained

You’ll want to listen to this episode that focuses in on a systematic approach to getting the clients you deserve by cultivating existing relationships… to bring people to the place where they are receptive to doing business with you! Email is the way to move the needle when it comes to your business when you apply a systematized and automated approach to it… something that will work day after day after day... even while you’re sleeping.